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LVP is sterile injection liquid into human body by vein, and it volume not less than 50ml.

Main ingredient of LVP:

Water,glucose,amino acid,salt, and viscous nutrient solution.

Now available in the market mainly are four different kind of LVP:

Glucose, NaCl,Glucose/NaCl, Metronidazole

Filtration purpose:

Prefilter: remove the particles, colloid, and extend the working life of fine filters followed.

Fine filter: remove low biological load; sterile filtration

Filtration criteria:

Safety: Filters should be of good mechanical strength, as bottling under high pressure and high speed

Stablity: Filters should provide stable filtration speed and filtration efficiency

Bacterial free: No living bacteria in LVP

Filter System  Configurement:


Filtration System Diagram: